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Group IAM is a new -age start-up company in the online branding service. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality. If you have a brand, we can make it a success. Whatever you require, may that be recipe development, finding co-packers, naming of your brand, logos, communication, and designs to make your idea stand out to the target audience, we’ll help you do it right the way through to getting listings in India and around the Indian Sub-continent. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture that will help us become a better company, drive our innovative nature, and improve the communities that we work in. At the heart of Group IAM is our desire to bring people together for the causes that we believe in.

The Group IAM works for clients in different perceptive and with differing challenges. Our focus lays on brand systems, developing of brands and trademarks and support for conquering market shares in India. Company's philosophy remains the same over the years: fair calculation, impartial behavior and judgment and excellent creative visions in strategic parts of optimization processes. We are a group of optimistic thinkers and makers that love to tackle big messy challenges. We offer large-firm expertise combined with small-firm responsiveness.

We are the nonpareil agency that delivers digital transformation, powered by creativity. We solve complex business challenges through digital marketing, ecosystems and products, driving digital strength and brand loyalty. We offer high quality and professional services. From Concept development to Technical planning to Brand Building & Final implementation, Group IAM masters the entire brand cycle.

Our Servises

  • BrandArchitecture

  • Innovation

  • Customerunderstands

  • Communicationandpublicrelationplanning

  • Conceptdevelopmentfromideatobecomebigbrand

  • Contentcreation

The future of brands lies in ideas that combine the power of storytelling with the creative use of technology, to motivate consumer behavior and engagement. IAM Brand consultancy drives success for brands using a data-driven, multi-disciplinary approach. creative and strategists work with innovation technologists and experience designers to build brand engagements and campaigns. .We work in partnership with our clients to create, distribute, measure and optimize at every Step, in order to deliver personalized, seamless and memorable experiences that drive Engagement, transaction and loyalty - building brands that people strongly believe.

Whether its media relations, community engagement or dealing with complex issues based communications, our public relations and engagement specialists have it covered.Our approach to all public relations activity is to focus on stakeholder outcomes and benefits, creating evidence-based, targeted and meaningful content to generate the impact our clients need.

Our brand experiences fall into three areas of expertise. But while the route to brand experience is different, the characteristic of success is always the same: for target consumers to connect with a brand via a distinctively positive moment, to remember the experience and share it with friends.Since its inception, Group IAM has successfully created brands in several domains. The experienced team at Group IAM thinks with their customer hats on, delivering customized solutions tailored to every client’s need.

Developing events after a careful study of the brand and considering its objective. Delivering the best possible to generate maximum response towards the products and clients. Project Evaluation and Feedback. These EVENTS give an insight into the actual size and help us in defining best strategy for our clients.

GroupIAM was founded by people who spent decades managing events, and built the solution that they could not find elsewhere. As the company evolved over the years, we achieved our goal of providing a truly end-to-end event solution—from registration to attendee tracking to detailed reporting—completing our mission to provide meeting and event planners with what they need, when they need it. With responsive teams, proven tools, and a transformative approach to create, shape and execute a first-class event and attendee experience, there is no other event technology company in the market that has the commitment to help clients connect better while also improving their business objectives.

We will tell our client's story in a creative manner. Visualizing the theme of an idea as well as the creative script. Our social media team always breaking the targets in terms of reach and getting new engagements in terms of numbers. For differentiating brand appearance. We will re-create the visual content. The storytelling is also a different challenge that we always welcoming with fresh content to our happy clients.

Ashok Patnaik founded the Group IAM in 2014 while the roots have been set in 2010 when Patnaik established a consulting firm for corporate public relations and communication strategies. Over the years an agency for brand communication started in 2016 an agency for corporate identity, Today Group IAM is working for Local and national clients within the field of brand system optimizing and the company is growing. Ashok Patnaik's vision is very clear that Brand is more important than anything else.In the process of creating brand the right strategy always works. Getting customer is very simple, than sustain the customer and changing the customer base in to trusted Client is the task for every growing start- up company. We will help before the process , in the process and after the process. We will called it, as the Brand Invention.

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